June 2017 Brand Updates: NARS, beautyblender, & More (Submit Requests!)

Since going cruelty-free, I have been doing a lot of research on brands to find out more about their stance on animal testing, their use of animal ingredients (if any), any certifications they may hold, and any other things (both positive and negative) that consumers should or may want to know. I want to provide a monthly update on any noteworthy policy changes with brands, what information has come through my inbox lately, and any outstanding questions for brands I have reached out to. 


I also want to note that I will be opening up more pages on this blog soon as guides on brands that do not test on animals and any noteworthy details about these brands. I hope to share the beginnings of these pages by mid-July. I'll keep you posted.


Without further adieu, let's take a look at the updates I have for this month.

1. NARS is now sold in China

On June 27, 2017, NARS announced on Instagram that they have decided to enter the Chinese market. I was personally disappointed, as NARS produces some of my favourite products. At the same time this was truly the final push for me to cut NARS out of my collection after I recently made the decision to wean myself off brands with parent companies (such as Shiseido) that do test on animals. 


For those unaware, entering the Chinese market means the company agrees to allow animal testing to be conducted on their products and ingredients where required by law. 


2. The Body Shop leaves the L'Oreal group

It became official in late June 2017 that L'Oreal sold The Body Shop to Natura, a Brazilian company that strictly prohibits animal testing. During the beginning of The Body Shop's Instagram posts on ending animal testing, requesting people to sign the petition, there was a lot of outrage because they were owned by L'Oreal, a company sold in China that allows animal testing where required by law. Well, finally they are free and I couldn't be happier!


3. beautyblender is sold in China, but is exempt from the animal testing law. How?

I was surprised to see beautyblender sold in China at Sephora, so I got in touch to find out more. Here is their response:

Hi Celina,

We are cruelty free and do not test on animals. We are classified as an accessory in China and not a cosmetic therefore we do not fall under Chinas requirements for testing.

This also include their blendercleaser (both solid and liquid), and all products by the brand are vegan. 



4. Charlotte Tilbury is not owned by another company

What does this mean? Well, Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that does not test on animals and the fact that it is not owned by another company means the profits are not going towards another company that tests on animals. However, I do want to note that not all Charlotte Tilbury products are vegan and brushes are a mix of animal hair and synthetic materials. For more details, see my "Cruelty-Free or Not: Charlotte Tilbury" post.


Brands I'm currently reaching out to

  • Briogeo 


Brands With Upcoming info posts

  • Tatcha
  • Drunk Elephant

A Request from me, to you

I want you to let me know what brand you would like me to reach out to. The goal is share as much information as possible so we can be more aware.