Inspired Lately #2: Tackling Minimalism, Healthy Eating, & Sharing More Love

It has been a month since my last "Inspired Lately" post. I want to do this more often, as I love to share what I have been up to when it comes to gathering inspiration and self-improvement.


Recently, I have become more inspired than ever to become a "minimalist". Sometimes I feel the term gets a bad rep, or is at least misleading to some people, because it tends to seem as though it involves getting rid of everything. This isn't quite true. Really, I believe it means to pare down to the essentials, and find joy and purpose in everything you own.


Last week I mentioned that I started working towards a "curated closet" and two of the books that have helped me along the way are The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees. For those in Canada, both books are on sale this weekend at Chapters online (just follow the links) and orders are eligible for 4% cash back through Ebates (get your account here)! But I digress, these books have been incredibly helpful and I even got my boyfriend and his family reading Marie's book. Not only has it helped me clear out my existing items, it has also helped me re-evaluate purchases and save money this past month. 


One of my mottoes this month has been "only essentials" thanks to this adorable tote by Vitruvi. Vitruvi is a Vancouver-based brand focused on wellness through the use to essential oils. I'll be honest, I'm a sucker for the beautiful packaging, but I am also deeply in love with their products. I have about eleven of their essential oils right now, an aromatherapy oil, and of course, their White Stone Diffuser. Right now, you can get this farmers' market tote with any purchase of $45+ with free shipping! Spoiler alert, I have a post on essential oils coming up next week, so stay tuned for that.

I hope this minimalism thing isn't just a phase, and I think blogging really helps me stay on track with my goals. These phases and goals eventually become habits, and whenever I stray, I know I have my blog to bring me back. Posts like these hold me accountable, which brings me to another goal I have been inspired to work towards lately. 


I wouldn't say I have ever been particularly unhealthy, but there were times when I struggled with my weight where I wanted to just eat crappy foods all the time just for the extra calories and fat. I'm underweight, and have been all my life. Even at 500-1000 extra calories over the recommended intake amount daily, I still struggle to gain any weight. Don't be jealous, because I've heard it a lot, but I was also bullied throughout grade school for my body. It was around middle school and high school where I would binge eat cookies and various junk food to pack on the extra calories and I felt awful. It also did nothing to my weight. Since then I have grown up to learn how awful that really is, and over the past year I have done research on how I can incorporate more healthy fats into my diet to help me gain weight in a healthy manner.


These days I'm focusing on cooking my own food more often. As someone who tends to be quite busy and also uses this as an excuse to eat poorly, I have been on the hunt for easy and tasty recipes. Some of my favourite food blogs at the moment are:

I'm also addicted to Pinterest, but when am I not? It's quite the long term relationship we have.


It never feels right not to share some love. I am loving Instagram more than ever right now, and while I could make a list of probably my top 50 feeds of the moment, I'll just share my top discoveries of the past month or so.


Until next time, share with me anything and everything that has inspired you this month!