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For those of you who requested it, your patience is being rewarded today. It's finally here: my review of the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer. Back in April when I first mentioned its arrival to my collection, many of you were eager to hear my opinion of the product. I made a note to do it, but as with all reviews I always try my best to fully test out a product first. Without further ado, here it.


Let's start from the very beginning of my experience with this primer. Hello, top notch packaging! The first thing I noticed was how secure the cap is, and underneath it I was pleasantly surprised by the pump. Travel friendly? Check. Hygienic? Check. But with products that come in pumps, there's always the fear that the pump will either break or dispense too much product. I can't speak for the durability quite yet other than so far so good, but for how much product it dispenses, I'd say it's close to perfect. I like that I have control over the amount, unlike some bottles that just push out a set amount that is usually too much (any MAC Pro Longwear Concealer users out there?). A pump and a half does my whole face. Bonus points for an opening that doesn't clog. 


Upon first application, I noticed how light the texture of the product is and how good it smells. I was applying this to freshly washed and toned skin, and instantly I felt the hydration kick in in the areas that feel tighter and drier than normal. Important side note, I have combination skin where my T-zone gets oily throughout the day and tends to be acne prone, while my cheeks are normal. After cleansing and toning, my skin usually feels tighter on the cheeks and normal on the T-zone. Applying this primer on my T-zone, it felt normal. The smell? It got me looking around for a hidden piña colada. People sensitive to scents, or people with sensitive skin may want to approach with caution though. Overall my face felt hydrated, smooth, and ever so slightly tacky, but it didn't even out the skin in terms of texture or pigmentation.

I've tried this under both liquid foundations and powder foundations. With liquid foundations, I found it almost a little harder to get rid of brush marks or get my foundation to layer on and stay in places I need it to. The first time I tried this primer I used a liquid foundation and I was just so bummed by how poorly it was performing. I was already using the bare minimum to cover my entire face, spreading it super thin across my skin so it definitely wasn't an excessive primer application problem. I also gave it 5 minutes to set so at that point I felt like it should have set enough to be ready for foundation. By the end of the day, I didn't notice a difference at all in the longevity of my base product. I looked oily in my T-zone area, not radiant as promised.


The next day I tried it with a powder foundation and the combo became a winner. I think it made a great blendable base for powder products. My skin looked natural, it helped get rid of the look of dry patches and prevent products from clinging to it, and overall it made my skin feel comfortable and the products feel weightless. By the end of the day I wasn't excessively shiny, though I still don't know that "radiant" is the way to describe the look. 

I've used this primer under all my powder and liquid foundations. I still think that for my combination skin, this works best with powder products. Do I think this product erases that "hangover" look? No. Using this product alone will not fake a full night of rest, make your skin appear radiant, or smooth out your skin. While it will help smooth out minor dry patches, it isn't going to mask bumps, flakes, or very dry patches. What will help your skin look more healthy and radiant is a healthy lifestyle and proper skincare suited for your skin type. There is simply no quick fix. Used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and proper skincare though, I can see this Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer being a good product to add to your morning skincare routine. So is this a glorified moisturizer highly surrounded by clever marketing? Yes. It does more of what I expect from a moisturizer than a primer. If I'm going to take the extra step to apply a primer it better make my foundation application smoother, help make my skin look more radiant and flawless, and most important, extend the wear time of products. 


If you have oily skin, stay away. If you have normal to oily-combination, use this as your moisturizer. You'll have an oil spill on your face by the end of the day if you apply this over your existing moisturizer. If you have dry-combination to straight up dry skin, maybe this is for you. I don't have dry skin so I don't know and I won't speak for those of you who know way better first hand.


Will I repurchase this? I think so. I wouldn't think of it as a primer though, I'd think of it as a moisturizer. If you gave this product to me unlabeled to test out for a week, I would come back to you guessing it's a moisturizer, simply because it does just that. I think that is important to note, because how this product performs on my skin and my opinions surrounding this shouldn't be based around the marketing that has gone into it. When I use it up and repurchase it, I will use it in the spring and autumn months as a moisturizer. I will also only repurchase it when it is on sale though, because $40CAD for 40mL of product is more than what I think it is worth per mL of product. Just sayin'.


tl;dr: On my combination of normal and slightly oily skin, this is no more than a moisturizer that works well under powder products. This will not fix your dull or dry skin, and this will not extend the longevity of your makeup. The packaging is the only outstanding part of this product. If you have a sensitive nose or sensitive skin, use with caution. If you have dry skin, I can't speak for you. If you have oily skin, stay the heck away. 


Have you tried the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer? If so, what are your thoughts on it? If not, will you be trying it?

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