New In | Bite Beauty Multistick

As a BITE Beauty addict, I'm sure most of you who have been following me for some time expected me to add the new BITE Beauty Multisticks to my collection. In fact, some of you were even waiting for the review. If you wanted a review, look no further. I come to you today with a first impressions/mini review of the BITE Beauty Multisticks

I picked up the shades Papaya and Cashew after stalking the BITE Beauty Instagram feed. They were doing sneak peek of the shades available and Papaya and Cashew were two of the handful that stood out to me. I mean, let's be real, I would be happy with anything and everything by BITE. Their shade selection is always so good. The BITE Beauty Multisticks are marketed as a 3-in-1 product in a cream to powder formula for the lids, lips, and cheeks. As with most multi-purpose products, I am always skeptical of the performance of the product in at least one of its marketed purpose. My expectation was that either it would be great on the lips, or great on the eyes and cheeks, but not all of the above. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.


The first time I use the product, I poked my finger in it to transfer the product onto my lids. I immediately noticed how quickly the product went from blending like a cream to setting to a powder. It almost set too fast. I was able to get a quite opaque finish, so the next day I tried it with a brush. I used the Sigma E54 Medium Sweeper*, and was able to get a lovely sheer wash of colour. On both days I wore an eyeshadow primer underneath, and they stayed put all day. Like 12+ hours kind of day. I was impressed! I haven't tried it without a primer underneath yet and I suppose it would be the ultimate test, but most eyeshadows don't stand a chance on my lids without a primer anyway. 


When I used it on the cheeks, I was impressed by the pigmentation and lasting power, but I found it a bit hard to blend. It just sets so quickly! I tried applying straight from the bullet by drawing a stripe on my face then blending it out but I just found it to look patchy and it also took significant blending which started to disturb the foundation underneath. My preferred method is to use a small brush such as the Sigma F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter* which is a small brush that allows for a lot of control. I pick up the product with the brush, then quickly sweep it on my cheeks. It has been the best way to evenly apply the product, and it also always looks incredibly natural. 


So it was impressive on the eyes and cheeks, but how about on the lips? I was banking on it being a let-down as a lipstick since it was good as a blush and eyeshadow, but I was proven slightly wrong. Just slightly. Surprise, surprise. Since it sets to be quite powder-like, it was drying on the lips. Without a balm underneath or a gloss on top, it really does feel powdery and think on the lips. While it isn't unbearable and isn't anything that can't be fixed, I just can't say it does everything it was marketed to do perfectly. If you have dry lips, I'm sure it will catch on the dry patches or accentuate the cracks. It also doesn't stay on the lips for very long either. Within two hours of just talking and drinking, it started to wear off. 

To summarize, if this was a cream to powder eyeshadow by itself, I would buy it. If this was a cream to powder blush by itself, I would buy it. If it was a lipstick by itself, I would skip it. I also want to know two more things. One, the colours tend to be more pink-toned so while they are all great lip and cheek colours, they are not all ideal on the lids. I would personally choose more of the neutral, brown tones as I would be looking to use them more as eyeshadows and cheek sculpting shades (used with the Sigma F77 Trim & Chisel Contour*). Two, there isn't much product for the price. They are $28CAD for 0.17oz of product marketed to be used three ways, while their Amuse Bouche Lipsticks are $30CAD for 0.15oz of product. 



If you like multi-use products, I do recommend picking up one or two of these. In fact, if you haven't tried cream-to-powder formulas on the lids or cheeks before I highly recommend making these your first pick as they are truly game-changing cream-to-powder products. Drop by a Sephora store, do some swatches, and give one a go.


Have you tried the BITE Beauty Multisticks yet? What shade(s) have you picked up or what shade(s) are you interested in?