Life Lately | Enjoying the Rest of Summer, Planning, & Recipes

I have been quite absent all summer and it was not expected, it just happened. Since around mid-June I've been juggling work, the blog, school, and things I actually want to do in my spare time. I felt like I wasn't having enough time for myself to do the things I wanted to do, so I took a step back and pulled the blog and social media out of the equation. It was a nice break, and after finishing a final exam just yesterday morning I already feel a bit lighter until I go back to school full time in September. Until then, here are some plans for the blog and what I will be up to.


There are so many posts ideas lined up. I have been making a list on my phone of the posts I want to do, but I haven't made time to actually sit down and write the posts, and photograph the corresponding photos. The plan is to spend at least the next week or two getting the posts scheduled and start writing them before life gets hectic again. If you have any post suggestions, let me know! I'm always open to new ideas and comments on what you would like to see more of.


I want to take a short trip before the end of summer just to see something that isn't my usual. I don't know how likely that is, but I would love to drop by either Montreal or Quebec City for a few days. We'll see. At least today I'm finally leaving the house for something that isn't work, school, or an errand. I'm meeting up with friends to catch up and make pizzas which should be fun and hopefully not disastrous. We're also planning a trip for next February so that will also be fun. It's something worth looking forward to despite it being the middle of winter which I always dread.


I also started baking and cooking more often. Usually I do the baking and M does the cooking in this household. Lately we have been loving the following recipes.


I am always pinning new things on Pinterest so give me a follow and we can exchange some more recipes or other pieces of inspiration! Or, leave me some recipes below. 


The next step to conscious self improvement is to finally fit in a realistic fitness routine because I have been slacking lately. I always do well in spurts, then within a few weeks or months I find excuses to "not have time to work out". Let me know if you have any fitness blog recommendations, by the way. That and food blog recommendations. Heck, just leave me blog recommendations. I'm in dire need of something new to read. 


How have you been lately? Let me know, and remember to give me blog recommendations and post recommendations too!