Tinted Lip Balm Love | My Recommendations

I am a huge tinted lip balm lover. As beautiful as lipsticks are, I just can't be bothered most days. To keep things real, here are some of the tinted lip balms I have been using over the past month on rotation that I have been loving. All brands, except for one, are cruelty free. 


To get the non-cruelty-free product out of the way, let's start with the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. I love these. If you're no concerned about the cruelty-free status of brands and products, these are some of the best tinted lip balms money can get. I have the full size of both Petal and Honey, two wearable every day shades I'm trying hard to use up, and a mini of Ruby* which is just one of several bolder shades. These are so comfortable to wear, and provide such an evenly pigmented and slightly glossy finish. The packaging is also very purse friendly and feels substantial. I highly recommend picking up the holiday gift sets when they roll around in November as even the minis are packaged as well as the full sizes. I'm going to miss these when they're all used up.


Similar to the Fresh offerings, but cruelty-free, are the ILIA Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15. I recently picked up the shade Kokomo and it is just such a fantastic everyday soft mauve tint. For something more bold, the ILIA Lipsticks are also great options as they are more pigmented than the tinted lip conditioners, but just as hydrating. The shade I've been reaching for often is Wild Child, a wearable orange-red.


A newer addition that I have instantly fallen in love with is the Suntegrity Lip C.P.R. Natural SPF 30 Lipstick in Sunset Coral. I'm cheating a little bit again here as this is marketed as a lipstick, and although it performs that way in pigmentation, it feels just like a lip balm. It is so light on the lips and it gives a glossy, shimmery finish unlike anything else I've tried. I definitely need to try more.


For lighter pigmentation, the By Rosie Jane Cosmetics Essentials Lip and Cheek Gloss* are fantastic. When they call it a gloss, they really mean a gloss. These are like lip glosses without the annoyingly stick finish in a pot instead of a tube. I have been alternating between the shades Marigold and Rose for the summer months.


Last but not least, I have been so excited to share KODO with all of you! KODO is a hand-crafted brand inspired by nature that launched earlier this year by my dear friend Reyna. We worked together several years back and she taught me most of what I know about self care using teas and essential oils. I'm so happy for her for launching this incredible line of products, and she very kindly sent me some items to try, one of which is the KODO Rose Tinted Lip Balm*. I love how lightly tinted the product is and it just leaves a comfy, glossy finish that helps to hydrate throughout the day. This has been coming along with me in my purse to be used whenever my lips feel a little chapped.


Are you a tinted lip balm lover like me? If so, what would you recommend?

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