Let's Talk | The Meaning of Success

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It has been a while since my last Let's Talk series post. Today I want to touch on success, or more so the meaning of it. What does success really mean? I asked myself this one day recently and made note of a few things I want to talk about in this post.


Over the years, I have learned that there is no secret formula to success. There is no single definition of success. There is no universal unit of measure for success. Growing up, I never focused much on what success meant. As I started getting older and people began to have expectations of me, I started to feel pressured to have achieved certain things in life. People started comparing me to people they considered successful. Look at how much money ____ is making! or Wow, ____ is only __ and he/she is already holding this position in this company! People may be doing impressive things or are generally achieving wow-worthy things in life, and when we notice this, it can be difficult not to compare yourself or someone to them. It can be tiring and stressful trying to keep up with these people we consider successful. 


Take blogging or social media for instance. We often see people with lots of followers who bring in money through their blog or social media page as successful. We are in awe of what they have achieved and we want to have what they have. While it is perfectly okay to refer to their achievements as goals for yourself, it becomes unhealthy when the jealousy kicks in or your self esteem and self confidence drops. I have seen many posts like "# ways to have a successful blog/IG feed" and while generally there are some good tips in those, they lean heavily towards way you can increase numbers in various areas. Numbers aren't everything! And anyway, it's important to be too fixated on why the numbers aren't sky-rocketing despite following these tips. 


Sometimes, you need to allow your emotions to outweigh any numbers. This is one of those instances where quality comes before quantity. Celebrate all the little things in life. Every achievement is worth slowing down for a second to appreciate. For example, I feel happiness and gratitude when I make or am served a home-cooked meal no matter how simple or extravagant. Every day, I a moment to appreciate the blog I work hard to run that has led me to meet some great people. When I feel stressed about grades or generally not meeting academic goals, I take time to feel grateful for having the opportunity to even receive the education I have that, for many reasons, others may never have the chance to receive. To look back at all the great things I have done and opportunities I have had, and to have made it this far in whatever I am doing, that is success. 


At the end of the day, the most important relationship with success you should have is your personal success. It's not about what others have achieved and where you stand relate to them. It's about how far you have come. It is only when you start to give yourself credit and recognition for even the little things that you will start to feel lighter and happier.


What does success mean to you? How has the success of others affected you? How is your relationship with personal success?