Cruelty Free or Not | Charlotte Tilbury

It has been a very long time since I did my last Cruelty Free or Not post on Marc Jacobs Beauty, and that was also my first of what I intended to be a series. I got busy and didn't follow up with any brands that ignored my message or gave wishy-washy answers. But digress, today I (finally) come to you with the details on Charlotte Tilbury.


You may have noticed that I still purchase Charlotte Tilbury products, so that's a sign that Charlotte Tilbury is a cruelty-free brand. As you can see on their FAQ page, they say "We do not test on animals, nor do our suppliers." If not for my blog, I would just look at that statement and say "Okay, great!" and keep purchasing their products. For the blog though, I wanted to dig a little deeper and get more words out of them. 


Here is what I sent:



I was looking in the FAQ section of the CT website for more information on CT's cruelty-free status and saw that it simply says "We do not test on animals, nor do our suppliers". I was wondering if you could elaborate on that and answer some of the following questions: 


1. Does animal testing happen when required by law? 

2. Does CT plan to expand into countries like China that require animal testing? 

3. Are CT brushes synthetic? If not, what are the bristles made of? 

4. Would it be possible to see a list of the vegan products (if any) currently available? 


Thank you, 



I waited ten days for a response, and here is what they fired over:

Hi Celina, 


Thank you for your email, Charlotte Tilbury does not test products or ingredients on animals, nor do we request others do so on our behalf. We also do not ship to countries that require animal testing by law. 


Our brushes are made by hand in Europe, using a mix of synthetic and animal hair to ensure perfect results every time. We continue to look for suitable synthetic alternatives. 


Please see below for a list of Vegan Products: 

Brow Lift, Full Fat Lashes, Goddess Skin Clay Mask, Magic Foundation, Mini Miracle Eye Wand, Take it All Off, & Wonderglow Primer


Hope this helps! 


Team Tilbury


So what I get from this is that none of the Charlotte Tilbury products and corresponding ingredient have been tested on animals, for now. There is no definite answer as to whether or not they will expand to countries that do require animal testing such as China.

They also sit in the grey area when it comes to brushes. The brushes are made of a mix of synthetic and animal hair which for some people, means that is not a truly cruelty-free brand. When people say that though, I question whether or not animal ingredients in products should then also put brands in the "non-cruelty-free" pile. Is a truly cruelty-free brand also be vegan? It's tough to nail that down. 


Personally, I consider Charlotte Tilbury to be a cruelty-free brand in the sense that the products and ingredients are not tested on animals, and the brand is not available in countries, like China, that test on animals as required by law. I hope their brushes do become fully synthetic in the future because currently there are much more affordable and fully synthetic brushes on the market that I choose over the current build of CT brushes. I will try to check in on them soon to see if there has been any progress on the switch to fully synthetic brushes, and whether or not their list of vegan products has changed.


Please let me know what brand you would like me to find out more about next! And PS, I will be doing a CT brand focus post soon so stay tuned!