Tag | My Boyfriend Explains Purpose of Makeup

I have seen this tag going around and all the answers are quite funny. I decided to get my partner M to have a go at it. I finally got him to answer these while playing a game of Counterstrike. Enjoy!


PRIMER. You put it on your face before you put sh*t on your face? It makes your face sticky so that your makeup sticks to your face? Or maybe it makes it smooth...


FOUNDATION. It's the stuff you put on your face to... I just know you put it on your face and it matches your skin tone.


POWDER. Powder? Where does it go? On your face? On your cheeks?




BRONZER. Makes you... tan? Brown?


BLUSHER. Makes your cheeks pink? Looks like you're always blushing?


HIGHLIGHTER. Is it for your eyes?


MASCARA. You paint your eyelashes.


EYESHADOW. Those are for your... what are they called? Eyelids? And they make them different colours.


EYELINER. That's for your eye lids. The inside.


BROW PENCIL. I'm guessing it's to draw in your eyebrows when you've plucked all your hairs out and you no longer have eyebrows.


LIPSTICK. It's makeup for your lips. It colours your lips. It makes them shiny or it makes them not shiny.


SETTING SPRAY. Oh that keeps your makeup in place.


BB CREAM. Doesn't that get rid of your pigment?


If you also did this tag on your blog, link it below! I'd love to read it. If not yet, I think it would be a fun one to do!

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