Which Comes First?

Have you ever been confused about the order of application? If you're like me you sometimes get confused about what to apply first even years after you first started dabbling in beauty products. While there is no right or wrong, there are certain tips and tricks to applying makeup that I have learned through the years that tend to give a better finish.


FOUNDATION & CONCEALER. To avoid using more product than necessary, apply foundation first then follow up with concealer where required. Typically, a foundation will even out your skin tone enough that concealer comes in afterwards for the final touch-up for a flawless finish. With powder foundations though, sometimes the order may switch. I can sometimes find concealer to be harder to blend when applied after a powder foundation is applied. In that case, I will conceal anything obvious first then apply the powder foundation, making sure to build up coverage over any problem areas.


CONTOUR + BLUSH + HIGHLIGHT. On an everyday basis I only wear blush, but when I'm trying to go all out I often get confused as to what I should be applying first. A tip I once came across on this is to work your way up to avoid product going too far down the face. So contour first, then apply blush, then apply highlight. Since following this I have had more luck controlling where these coloured products on my face, and giving my cheekbones that extra lift and pop.

LID + CREASE. I really don't know that this one matters. I think it highly depends on what kind of look you're going for, what eye shape you have, and what shades you're using. What I personally try to do is apply a shade gently in the crease first, lay down the lid shade, then go back into the crease to blend the shadows together. If I want a more dramatic look, I will bring a darker shade into the crease the second time I go in for added definition. I find that by doing the crease first, I avoid blending too far up or making the crease too chiseled.


LASHES & LINER. If I ever tightline, I always curl my lashes before applying eyeliner, then of course follow up with mascara. By curling first, I avoid getting too much eyeliner on my lash curlers and my liner just stays evenly in place. 


SERUM + MOISTURIZER. Apparently, serums are more lightweight and meant to penetrate your skin. They should go on before moisturizer as otherwise, the moisturizer will become a barrier and you won't get the most out of your products. 


What are some makeup or skincare application tips that you have to share?