5 Green Beauty Bits to Try

Three months into the cruelty free beauty collection transition, I have discovered and gravitated towards greener products as well. I find such joy wandering through green beauty shops and the beauty aisles at my local Whole Foods. It just feels great to use products that are made with better ingredients, both for my body and the environment. Today I'm touching on five green beauty products that have been winners in my collection that I think you should try.


There was a time several years ago when I used just green skincare products, and it made skin feel so refreshed and radiant all the time. That was before I started blogging. I'm going back to basics now by incorporating more green skincare slowly with the goal of having a fully green skincare routine in the end. More recently I have rediscovered the Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil and have loyally been using it for almost a month now. It is such a balancing and brightening product. I can really feel and see a difference in the tone, texture, and evenness of my skin.


Let's talk about our hands for a bit. Our hands go through so much in our everyday lives. Earlier in the month I spent a lot of time scrubbing down the apartment from ceiling to floor, and tearing apart boxes for new furniture and appliances. My hands were dehydrated with small cuts here and there. Browsing Whole Foods for a new hand cream, I picked up the Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream and to my surprise, it is the best hand cream I have tried thus far. It has almost a citrusy, earthy scent to it but the texture and the effectiveness is what makes it a winner. It has a thin, spreadable consistency that turns almost waxy after you work it into the skin. It leaves the hands feeling protected as if you have invisible gloves on, and by the morning my hands look and feel renewed again. I just can't get over how great it is.


To round up moisturizers, say hello to The Honest Company Organic Body Oil. The thing with body moisturizers is that they're either too sticky or too greasy most of the time. Plus, I don't usually love the sickly sweet scents. This one, it doesn't smell like much and it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy despite it being an oil. It is just comfortable and simply balancing. I'm eager to try more by The Honest Company, in fact I have a couple more products by them on the way from Well.ca. By the way, if you're in Canada you can use code THECELUTION10 to get $10 off a $40 purchase.

With summer around the corner, I love adding texture to my hair. Back in December I discovered the French Girl Organics Sea Spray which, if I didn't already have two non-cruelty-free options to use up, I would be using this every day. It does the job without leaving you hair sticky, crunchy, or heavily scented. I think this will be my go-to to just repurchase over and over when I'm done with the other two I have by Bumble & Bumble that I have almost done now.


In the warmer months, I prefer wearing tinted lip balms or lighter formula lipsticks. I couldn't recommend the ILIA Lipsticks, especially in the shade Wild Child, enough. It is that perfect shade of orange-toned red that just shouts warm weather. I also love how it feels more like a balm than a lipstick, but can be built up to the opacity of an average lipstick. I need more of these.


Have you tried green beauty products? If so, what would you recommend?