The Best Multipurpose Tools

Why buy many when you can buy one? As someone who keeps her makeup quite simple, I find myself reaching for the same few makeup application tools over and over again. As I was doing a clean of my collection, I found brushes I had either never used or rarely used collecting dust in my brush container. Noticing this, I also realized that it's because there are some tools that come into play for many different purposes over and over. They are quality tools that do more than promised.


One of my most loved beauty tool discoveries is the BeautyBlender, hands down. I love it for its original purpose of applying and blending foundation to a truly seamless and natural looking finish, but it is also like an eraser for when things go wrong. If a foundation isn't blending properly with a brush or even fingers, I reach for this. If I apply too much blush or bronzer, I soften the edges and blend it out as best I can with this. If I really want to layer on the concealer in areas and want it to look perfectly blended in, I use this. I honestly think the BeautyBlender will always have a spot in my collection. 


Let's talk about all the different powders I use on my face for a moment. There are many brushes to apply powdered products with for different purposes. However, there are two styles that I typically use the most. The first are the tapered, larger fluffy brushes. I don't know the proper term for them, if there even is one. Think the Too Faced Mr Right Perfect Powder Brush or its more affordable alternative, the Real Techniques Blush Brush. Both have that similar tapered shape to it that allows for a light yet controlled application of powders like blushes, bronzers, and setting powders. I typically reach for the Real Techniques Blush Brush when applying blush or bronzer, and the Too Faced Mr Right when applying powder in more specific areas such as under the eyes or around the nose. For highlighting or detailed powdering such as setting under the eyes or over blemishes, I love using the Real Techniques Setting Brush. Some days I will even use it to blend out concealer, both under the eyes and on blemishes.

Sometimes I feel like I really only need two eye brushes, and it is because I use these two brushes every week without fail. The first is the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush which is a small, fluffy, and tapered brush. I like that it is tapered so I can really pack eyeshadow into the inner corners, and it is flat so I can do a quick sweep of colour. To both blend and apply eyeshadows, I love the MAC 217. Although going cruelty-free means no more MAC purchases in the future, I'm hoping I can find something like this to replace it when it is completely worn out. For now, it still delivers the same great ability to apply shadow all over the lids, in the crease, and blend harsh edges. 


What are some of your favourite multipurpose makeup tools?