Top 5 | Eyeshadows

Continuing on with my Top 5 Series, I'm moving on to eyeshadows.


NARS ALHAMBRA (in the And God Created The Woman Palette)

When it comes down to a nice shimmery champagne pink, I adore NARS Alhambra. I've tried Stila Kitten, MAC All That Glitters, Urban Decay Sin, and while all are similar they just don't have that texture and finish that NARS Alhambra seems to have. It is just shimmery enough to catch the light and just dark enough to add dimension. I adore it!



It took me ages to hunt down this much coveted shade, and it has proven to be worth all the money and wait. This neutral brown has hints of warm shimmers running through it that adds so much light and depth to the eyes just on its own. The buttery soft texture and great pigmentation means the slightest dip of the brush will give a solid wash of colour to the lids. I can't recommend it enough!



If you can't already tell, I tend to stick to the neutral shades but the purple tones in Amethyst are just subtle enough that this makes a fantastic everyday shade. The creamy stick glides on across the lids and leaves a pigmented wash of colour that lasts all day, even without a primer underneath. It is probably one of the easiest products to use, making it a great 5-minute-makeup pick.



Marc Jacobs Beauty does some of the best cream eye shadow sticks I've tried. The shade Au Revoir is a gorgeous shimmery pewter shade that makes another great everyday option. Along with great pigmentation and lasting power, the product has a cooling effect to it that makes the application quite relaxing. It's a morning pick for me.


URBAN DECAY PRIMAL (in the Naked2 Basics Palette)

Everyone has that perfect crease shade for them that works with everything. The one for me is Primal, wedged into the palette as the second darkest shade. The neutral tones to it make it perfect to pair with shades of any other tone, just to add depth and defined softness to the edges of any look. 


What are some of your favourite eyeshadows?