The Nude Blushes

Any time of the year, I will reach for a nude blush. I just find that they are such no brainers as they go with basically any look and it just gives such a nice lift to the cheeks. 


The first one I tried that got me hooked was NARS Douceur. It's a warm, light pinky-brown shade that gives a nice satin finish. Sadly I think it is now discontinued but fortunately I have Tarte Exposed which initially to my surprise, I absolutely love and prefer to the NARS offering. The quality is just as good as the NARS one, both being incredibly long lasting and pigmented, but Exposed is just that perfect shade for me. Compared to Douceur, it is slightly more rosy and gives a more matte finish that makes it just that perfect everyday shade for me.


New to my collection is the Burberry Beauty Nude Glow Blush. It's clearly more of a neutral and lighter compared to the two which makes it a forgiving contour shade for me. I can see it being used on the cheeks but as a contour, it is absolutely perfect paired with more rosy, classic blushes for a nice lift to the cheekbones.

Do you like nude blushes and if so, which would you recommend?