Into Perspective | The Cost of Beauty

Early in the month I saw a post on The Coveteur titled How Much Does It Cost To Be Low MaintenanceCo-founder of TC, Stephanie, revealed her secrets and spendings on becoming low maintenance and the whole post really got me thinking. How much do I spend on beauty and am I really as low maintenance as I think?


Truth is, I spend more on beauty than I would like to and a part of it is because I blog. What if I didn't blog though? Perhaps I wouldn't know of as many brands as I do now or I wouldn't be tempted to buy high end as much but I'm certain I would still spend a fair amount. I mostly buy high end products because of the quality and return policy in case something doesn't work for me.


Caring for myself and taking time to look presentable gives me confidence. Confidence is beauty and beauty is confidence? Perhaps so. So where does my money go to boost my confidence or basic beauty, whatever you want to call it?



My troubled skin had me trying all sorts of skincare from drugstore acne products all the way up to Origins and Aesop goodies which I now love. Once the spots were under control, I started tackling the scars which meant introducing exfoliants like scrubs and AHAs. Oh and twice I went to the doctor to get a prescription gel that zapped spots like no other. I have spent all sorts of money on skincare and I still struggle to go barefaced.


Just last week I discovered the Anastasia Brow Bar in Nordstrom. It cost $30 for a wax and trim that gave me brand new brows I am now in love with. I'm scheduled to go back every 6 weeks or so. That's quite a lot for tame brows I now can't imagine myself without.



I don't visit my hairdresser often. She does a great job so I can grow my hair for a whole year and it'll still look absolutely gorgeous. I also like to throw some highlights in because truth is my hair doesn't naturally have highlights quite that red. But what is a quality cut when you don't maintain quality hair? Oils, treatments, and high quality heat styling tools become a must for me. Fortunately my GHD flat iron is the only heat tool I have that also creates any look I want, and my collection of Bumble & Bumble products last long enough that I'm not blowing $30 or more repurchasing what have become essentials every couple months.



I had to get my teeth shifted when I was younger. My top jaw was a little too small and the orthodontist glued and wired some metal to my teeth for a year to push everything in place. Every year I get my teeth polished once or twice and I've had that habit for about 15 years now. Then I do the occasional whitening treatments using whitening strips that cost more than I would like. Gotta have presentable pearly whites, right?



I go in for eye exams every two years now and usually get some new glasses. New year, new frames. I mean, those were so last year, right? This has been a thing for at least 10 years now. Oh and now I want prescription sunglasses too. The fancier things get, the more the price goes up.



Moisturizers and scrubs barely cover what comes beyond a basic bar of soap. How about the razor I have to switch up every few weeks for the sake of smooth legs and pits? Or the good quality push-up bra from Victoria's Secret that gives me curves? Better yet, how about all the healthy and sometimes organic foods I consume daily to look good and feel good from the inside out. Good thing my gym membership is free.


We spend a lot to look good. At least I do. Take a moment and think about where your money goes. You may not be as low maintenance as you think if you ever thought that before.