3 Daily Drinks

I always try my best to be healthy. As I step up my healthy lifestyle game, I've been working harder to stay away from any unhealthy snacks and drinks throughout my work day which can be so tough! There are three things that I allow myself to drink, replacing the coffee I use to (and still do) love on my desk.


H2O + Lemon

Lemon water somehow makes me reach for my water bottle more often throughout the day. Something about that hint of citrus in an otherwise nearly tasteless drink is so uplifting and enjoyable. In addition to better taste, lemons do all sorts of good from flushing out toxins to balancing the body. A slice of lemon will do the trick, but don't forget to wash the outside first!


Green Tea

I absolutely love drinking green tea. I use to work at a locally owned tea shop, Silk Road, and I learned plenty about the benefits of drinking organic, loose leaf teas. With low levels of caffeine, green teas are great for everyone to help detoxify the body and boost the immune system with its supply of vitamin C. My favourites include the basic Japanese Sencha, Gen Mai Cha, and Jasmine Green Tea.


Black Tea

Instead of coffee, I now make a cup of black tea for that kick of caffeine. Black teas contain vitamin A which helps promote the growth of stronger hair and nails. When I drink black tea regularly, I definitely notice a difference in my hair and nails as they grow much faster and are a lot healthier. Again, I only drink organic, loose leaf black teas. My favourite is the classic Earl Grey, just straight black. I love the smell of the bergamot coming from it to make my cubicle smell warm and fresh.


What are your go-to drinks?

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