Most Worn Nail Colours

Up until the latter half of last year, I had a little too many nail polishes for my own good. I decided to finally clear my collection out and only stick with the fair amount that I actually find myself reaching for. In the end I was left with an array of shades that I actually regularly rotate between.


Nail polishes take a long time to use up but I know I love a nail polish when I can see that I've used a good fraction of the bottle up. The first two I noticed myself making a dent in were OPI Samoan Sand and Essie Absolutely Shore. OPI Samoan Sand is that perfect nude that works with plenty of skin tones for a polished look. It is my go-to if I know I have an interview or formal meeting the next day. All year round, I reach for Essie Absolutely Shore. It's a gorgeous light seafoam green shade that gives the hands such a healthy and glowy look. I love that it's so pale that it's nearly white yet you can definitely tell it has a hint of colour to it.

My current favourite is the Nail Inc Gel Effect Nail Polish in Grosvenor Crescent. It is a deep aubergine shade that I have been wearing since last year in September. Over and over again, I find myself reaching for this and repainting my nails with it. It isn't so dark that it is black, but it's definitely on the deeper end of the spectrum. The formula is fantastic too so I know this is a fuss free dark option.


In the summer, I repaint my toes in Essie Turquoise and Caicos week after week, after week. Something about it brings out the tan in my skin which is perfect for that healthy summer glow. Another shade that has the same effect is Essie Lilacism. This pale lilac shade is another one that leaves the skin looking healthy. The past summer, I enjoyed painting one hand with this and the other with Absolutely Shore. The two look fantastic together.


What are your most worn nail colours?