Get ready to fall in love with BITE Beauty if you haven't already because today, I'm breaking down all the BITE Beauty product formulas (minus the glosses). Here is a (borderline) ultimate guide to BITE Beauty lip products based on formulas and shade ranges to help you narrow down what's right for you.

I always gravitate towards a matte formula over anything else because they last on my lips longer. Usually with longevity comes dryness, but fortunately not with these. The Matte Crème Lip Crayons provide pigmentation, comfort, and longevity on the lips which is basically all I want in a lipstick. The added bonus is that it comes in an array of beautiful colours and great packaging. I love how slim the packaging is on these, the cap fits on tight, and there's even a hidden sharpener on the end. This is certainly one of the two ranges by BITE Beauty I urge everyone to try.
Best for: that true matte lip

For a creamier, satin finish, BITE Beauty offers these High Pigment Pencils. For some reason Sephora claims they're matte but I don't find they are at all. They definitely a sheen to them and aren't quite as long lasting as the sister Matte Crème line. They are still long lasting though, and incredibly comfortable to wear.
Best for: everyday wear on all lips

Hello Amuse Bouche, goodbye Luminous Crème. This year in February, BITE Beauty got rid of their Luminous Crème line and replaced it with the Amuse Bouche with mostly new shades and an improved formula. I was skeptical at first as the Luminous Crème was their core line and it some excellent colours people stuck with loyally. Fortunately most if not all people are loving these Amuse Bouche lipsticks as they are just as pigmented as before but that little bit more hydrating and long lasting. I absolutely love the Amuse Bouche lipsticks and they round up the second range by BITE that I think everyone needs to try.
Best for: everyday wear on all lips

I was both drawn towards and pushed away from the Butter Cream range when it first released in early 2015. I loved that all the shades were wearable nudes and neutrals, but the higher price and heavier packaging left me hesitant. They claim that hand cutting the top layer of product off helps reveal a creamier product but how true that is, I'm not sure. I definitely find that they are creamier than most lipsticks and still holds the same level of pigmentation, but the longevity just isn't there (2-3 hrs. vs 5-6 hrs.). I do still like these though, hence why I purchased one and went back for another.
Best for: everyday wear on lips leanings on the dry side

These, I'm on the fence about. I like that it is comfortable to wear, protective, and gives a glossy finish, but it isn't particularly pigmented and the packaging is awful. When they say it is a mask, they mean it. It really gives this waxy (in a good way) finish to the lips that is comfortable and hydrating. However the consistency to get this is just too thick and hard. The tube just doesn't allow you to have proper control over how much product comes out and over time, the colour on the packaging crumbles apart. I also expected the two tinted versions to give pigmentation as they appear in the packaging, but when applied it just isn't quite as impressive. So instead of wearing it on its own sometimes, I will tap the product over a matte lip for a little gloss and kick of hydration.
Best for: protection from dryness and layering with mattes

I love tinted lip balms, so I couldn't skip out on trying the Lush Lip Tints. I love how buildable the pigmentation is and how comfortable they are to wear. You can really keep layering it for a more solid colour, comparable to a lipstick. It give a hydrating finish and feel, and the packaging feels secure. It's a great on-the-go option and I will definitely have to try more.
Best for: on-the-go use

This is sort of the greener version of the Dior Lip Glow except it doesn't claim to change colours based on the pH of your body. It is just a pink or clear tint with SPF 15 that hydrates your lips an in the case of the pink tinted one, enhances and evens out the colour and tone of your lips. I don't layer it on much though because I do find that you can go overboard and it starts to look almost like an orangy coral in an unflattering way. Turns out I'm not the only one who's experienced this as seen in the Sephora reviews. However I do find that if you are quickly just swiping it on, it looks great!
Best for: on-the-go use

I do still need to consider trying the glosses even though I'm kind of dreading it simply because I don't like to wear glosses at all. However I might crack and give them a go at some point. I'll have to keep you all posted. For now, here's the run down of most BITE Beauty products and I hope that this was helpful. And hint hint, there is a collection post on its way by popular demand.

Have you tried BITE Beauty before? Which are your favourite formulas by them and what will you be trying next?

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