It has been such a long time since I last did some sort of life update type of post. I find that a lot of newer readers don't like these posts as there isn't that connection there yet, but hey. Maybe this is a time for us to get to know each other. I really wanted to do a proper check-in though and speak as myself for a moment. Hit pause on all those beauty posts, it's time to talk life things.

Last week Sofia of Pale Lily talked ranted about motivation. The whole time reading it, I was like "Yes, girl. I get you. I totally get you.". It has been shit weather in parts of Canada and let me tell you, motivation to do anything that involves leaving the apartment has hit an all time low. Morning classes? No thanks. Grocery shopping? Not unless I have to. Last week of February, the city was just inches of uneven ice. I found myself so slow-moving over the past month or two.

Regaining motivation has been tough but I'm just finding the smallest things to look forward to just to get through these hectic days in the shit weather. Every time I look at my life, I just see it as an overflowing inbox of work. I'm over-exerting. I'm stuck in this tiring routine of staying on top of work, the blog, and my well-being.

About three weeks ago now, I made this sudden decision to go cruelty-free after reading up on how unnecessary animal testing is. For now I'm transitioning into a cruelty-free lifestyle and not quite going vegan yet, which I will cover in more detail later in the month. It has been really tough letting go of some great brands and products. I had a good clear-out of my collection starting with donating unopened products by non-cruelty-free brands to people in need. I then gave away some of my gently-used products to friends and now I'm just left with things that I'm keen on finishing up. I'm excited to start this cruelty-free journey though and I'm discovering tons of new fantastic brands with loads of products to try.

I've been switching up my Spotify playlist recently (finally!) and I figured I'd share. I don't think I have ever shared the music I listen to on the blog, so this is new. Some of my favourites at the moment are:

  • Babe I'm Yours - Whilk and Misky
  • Eyes Shut - Years & Years
  • Girls Like - Tinie Tempah, Zara Larsson
  • Middle - DJ Snake, Bipolar Sunshine
  • Weekend - Mocki
  • Wild Thing - Aleesia Cara
  • Working For It - Zhu, Skrillex, THEY
  • Me & You - Maejor
  • Bang My Head - David Guetta, Sia, Fetty Wap
  • All My Friends - Snakehips, Tinashe, Chance The Rapper
What are you listening to these days? What's new with you? Any tips on getting motivated? 

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