Let's be real, blogging can be expensive. Most of us don't have the money to just go out and buy all the latest goodies to feature and review on our blogs, so how can we keep things exciting without breaking the bank?

It doesn't take reviews and swatches of the latest and greatest products to bring traffic to your blog. Work with what you have, and get creative with it! If you're ever stuck, here are 50 blog post ideas to get your mind spinning. In general, look at what you've got and see how products come together. For example, brand focus posts, FOTDs, and round-ups of certain products under a certain theme are some great ways to feature lots of different products at once.

Know what your limits are and work within these limits. For example, I will set aside a certain amount monthly for beauty products. I'm really careful about how I spend this money so I always work from a list of things I want to try. If you want more tips on avoiding overspending and sticking to a hard budget, check out this post on shopping smarter.

Whether you run a beauty blog, fashion blog, cooking blog, or any kind of blog, take some time to share and connect more personally. Share some of your favourite blogs, YouTube channels, or Instagram feeds. I personally love finding new people to follow by going through what other bloggers are loving at the moment. It is also a great way to connect with other influencers and drive traffic between blogs. If you're comfortable, share a little about yourself with your readers! I really enjoy writing my "Life Lately" series about once a month on average, like the one I did last Sunday.

As your blog establishes a certain level of online presence, you will start to get approached by companies or you will begin to gain the confidence to reach out to companies. There are many ways to work with brands, but often it will be in the form of product samples. I would suggest waiting at least a year after establishing your blog, and develop decent blog and social media stats before reach out to brands. Here are two posts I highly recommend by Sophie to read if you're looking to start working with brands: How To Create a Media Kit For Your Blog & How To Approach Brands About Working Together

Sometimes it can be fun to work with other bloggers and it's also a great way to drive traffic between the two blogs. If you feel you aren't able to bring enough product or post diversity to your blog, try inviting guest posters to your blog to bring a different set of products to your readers. Last summer, I did "5 Most Reached For Products" with 5 different blogger friends. It's always good to bring something a little different, but don't overdo it! You don't want to lose your voice and presence on your blog.

I hope these five quick tips will help anyone who may be working on a tighter budget. If you have any tips of your own, please feel free to share them below!

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