Over the past three months I really got deep down into my collection and cleared out a ton of products that I don't use anymore. I wanted to clear things out and keep my makeup down to just the bits I use.

I invested in a Muji 5 Drawer Acrylic Box sort my products out and honestly this is one of my best investments yet in terms of organization. For the average person, this Muji drawer is enough but I know the IKEA Alex drawers are very popular amongst the beauty community too. This fits everything I own with the exception of two foundations that are just too big as each drawer is 2.5cm tall. I like the shorter drawers as that prevents stacking of products which allows me to have a clear view of everything available in just one glance.

I separated my products with bases on top, cheek products, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and any sample sized products that have yet to be opened. Any stick-like products like eyeliners, mascaras, and cream eyeshadow sticks stay in a smaller IKEA flower pot and all brushes live in the bigger IKEA flower pot. I took a couple sheets of Lysol and wiped down the packaging on every product before putting it into the drawers. I also cleaned every single brush just to make sure the ones I use less haven't collected dust.

How do you organize your products and have you done a clear-out recently?

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