I'm no health expert, but I do know the basics of taking good care of my body. Last week's Detox Series post featured Simplified Skincare and this week we'll talk about cleaning your body.

Cleaning your body means drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods in the first place. Here are five of my top tips on living a healthier, cleaner life.

1 // Drink plenty of water... and tea... and smoothies... and juices!
About 8 glasses of water is essential for staying hydrated and flushing out those toxins. In addition, tea, smoothies, and juices are great options as well when chosen carefully and properly. Tea should be organic in unbleached bags as pouring boiling water on a tea bag means you're probably releasing the unwanted chemicals. I like to buy loose leaf teas and toss them in unbleached bags. Green tea is great for getting necessary vitamins like vitamin C, oolongs are great for digestion, and black teas provide caffeine and vitamin A for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Smoothies and juices are great as well, but make sure you use good ingredients that aren't too sweet. My smoothies are simple, featuring berries, a banana, and Greek yogurt. My favourite juice is always a blend of carrots, apple, beet, and ginger. 

2 // Snack healthy
Vending machines are tempting, but bringing your own snacks is better. I like to eat granola with added dried fruits like dried strawberries, or a container of mixed nuts with dark chocolate pieces. As delicious as sugary snacks are, dried fruits are better like a moderate amount of dried mangos, apples, or apricots.

3 // Get your essential fats
Avocados and omega-3 infused eggs are my favourites for breakfast as featured in this recent post. Nuts are also a great way to obtain healthy fats, particularly with nuts like almonds and walnuts which are some of my favourites. They're great for the cardiovascular system and brain!

4 // Buy only healthy options
I eat on a budget so I'm not saying you must go out and buy all the organic options at Whole Foods, but choosing the organic option when it's not too much more expensive or shopping at local farms is a better way to go. I also try to avoid preservatives whenever I can and choose healthier snacks as mentioned in tip #2. If you kitchen is only stocked with good ingredients, you'll only be feeding yourself the good ingredients.

5 // Don't stress out about eating healthy
Stress isn't good for your body so stressing about eating healthy or counting calories isn't going to benefit your body. Of course you can cheat once in a while and order takeout, make a box of KD, or eat Lucky Charms. As long as it is all in moderation, it's fine! I cheat once or twice a week for one of my three meals but I don't stress myself out about it. Tip #4 has been a great way for keeping me on track. 

What do you do to make sure you eat healthy?

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