I feel bad sharing limited edition products sometimes but if you can get your hands on the BITE Beauty Lip Lab Limited Release Creme Deluxe Lipstick for October, you need it! This month's shade is called Boysenberry, a gorgeous blue-toned violet shade that I was so hesitant about when I pulled it out of the packaging. Surprisngly, this actually looks incredible on and like all BITE Beauty lip products, it is so comfortable to wear. 

The formula of this lipstick is creamy and comfortable, while still delivering the pigmentation and lasting power you would expect from something a little more drying. It takes a little blotting and reapplication to make it sit right but once it's on, it fades evenly even throughout a dinner. 

The colour is truly one of a kind but there are similar shades by plenty of other brands. If you can get your hands on this one in particular though, I would totally recommend it. I'm excited to see what next month's limited edition shade is.

Did you manage to get your hands on this lipstick?

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