Those in Canada are probably spending Thanksgiving with family right now, so Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers. I'm spending my Thanksgiving away from home for the third year in a row now but that's what happens because of school.

Today I'm sharing a quick list of the 5 things I can think of that I am thankful for.

1. Good company. Wherever I go, I'm always surrounded by good people. Right now I'm in Ottawa with old friends, and my partner and his friends, who are now my new friends. 

2. Good food. Being able to eat well and eat regularly is something that not everyone has in this world. You don't have to look far, just look around your community. This is a reason why I always pack a couple granola bars or other snacks; they're for those moments when I need to snack on something or when I pass by someone on the streets who in need of food. Share.

3. My morning commute. Most people don't like hour bus rides to work but for me, it's actually a relaxing time for me to catch up on the news and appreciate the city. 

4. My jobs. I have been really lucky when it comes to job hunting as I've always managed to get the jobs I want that have proven to be valuable experience for me. My very first job was at a local tea store I love, Silk Road Tea. After that, I've worked in big tech companies doing all the engineering work I've wanted to do. I'm someone who can genuinely say that I love my job.

5. The right to vote. Last week I voted for the first time in a federal election. While the process was long and intimidating, I managed to cast my vote and do my part as a Canadian citizen. The federal election in Canada is happening on Oct. 19 but you can head to the polls early, just look up available stations. 

I'm taking the time today to cook some good food and possibly go outside to soak up the sunshine. It's a double digit temperature outside that isn't in the negatives today; I have to take advantage of that!

Happy Thanksgiving again to those in Canada and to those who aren't celebrating it in different countries, Happy Monday! Enjoy the rest of your week.

What are some things you are thankful for?

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