I went through my wardrobe lately and got rid of all the pieces that no longer fit or just simply have not been worn in months. Those were all put in a bag going to those who will hopefully give them more love and wear than I do. So after the major clear-out I decided to take a peek at the Aritzia sale again and ordered myself some new pieces that I expect to get a lot of wear out of.

I discovered a love for cropped pieces, especially in the summer heat. Having found myself reaching for the same one cropped tank I got from Zara recently I decided to add another one to the collection. I chose the Wilfred Durée T-Shirt, a loose subtle crop top plastered with the Wilfred logo across the front. I haven't worn tops with text across the front in a very long time but I felt like getting out the expected this time.

Since the beginning of the year I've been eyeing up the Wilfred Rêve T-shirt, so when I saw it on sale I just couldn't pass it up. I picked it up in black as I don't seem to have a black t-shirt anymore so this filled in the gaps. Like a classic crew-neck, this is comfortable to wear but has the extra subtle lace detail on the bottom. I'm all about the little tweaks to a tee, which is why I also picked up the Wilfred Capucine T-shirt in Crystal with the block of silk at the bottom. I love the Capucine style, hence why I own three of this style in different colours, but I just loved the silk panel for that slightly different, more sophisticated look. 

The last top I got was the Parklife Podium Tank, a go-to basic for a good workout. As much as I like Lululemon, they are just way too overpriced most of the time so I'm trying Parklife from Aritzia out for a change. 

Completely out of my usual style and not even in the sale was the Babaton Rico Skirt. Yes, that is indeed a maxi skirt and if you knew me in real life you would be very confused right now. It is so unlike me to wear a skirt, let alone a maxi skirt but I really wanted to try something new as everyone else seems to think that a maxi skirt or dress would look great on me. We'll see how this goes.

In addition to clothing I picked up my first pair of Birkenstocks! I feel like Birkenstocks are kind of a love-hate thing but I've always liked them. I chose the Birkenstock Mayari in black as I imagine they will go with just about anything. No more Aldo shoes that break after one summer for me! These better hold up as well as they claim to.

Have you purchased anything for your wardrobe recently?

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