Goodbye winter, hello spring. It may not be a new year but it is a new season and why not start fresh from hibernation?

Waking up to sunshine makes me happy but that's not something we have control over, as much as we wish we do. Sofia of Pale Lily gives 10 Way To Be Happier, Right Now. They are simple lifestyle changes that you can add incorporate into your daily life to be just that little bit happier every day. 

A minimalist lifestyle is also something that makes me feel happier and lighter. A while back I discovered Into Mind, a blog about living a simple and minimalistic life. The first thing I tackled after finding this blog was my wardrobe, following these incredible guides on building a minimalistic wardrobe. I buy less but I never feel like I have nothing to wear. 

Cleaning your wardrobe is not enough. True spring cleaning involves cleaning the house too. Hello Natural gives a No Fail Plan on How to Spring Clean Your House (And Keep It Clean!). They are all quite simple and can be done over the weekend or in the evenings. Cleaning doesn't have to be tough!

Simplified your space and belongings? How about simplifying your routine. Getting ready in the morning doesn't have to take a long time but doing a little makeup and a little something-something to your hair can make a difference. Irrelephant gives great, simple hair tutorials that will help you look put together without much time. 

And before all the sunshine pours in, we have about three months to get that body looking great for warm weather clothing time. Personally I've been loving the weekend workouts on Into The Gloss. Simple to do, and most can be done in the comfort of your own home.

I sure am looking forward to spring. What will you be doing to make this season great?


  1. Thanks for the picks, I think the no fail plan of spring cleaning sounds good to me - can definitely learn from that one ;)

    The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  2. Thanks for including me in this list, Celina! I've also been loving the Into The Gloss workouts. I'll be sure to check out all your other picks, they sound great <3

    Sofia |

  3. Great post! I've read Sofia's post and I loved it

    Now I need to read all the others since they all seem so good xx


  4. I can't wait for spring (still autumn here) but I'm happy to see some cooler days though. I'm hoping to get all light and airy for spring - keep it simple and clean.

    xx Kat @ Katness



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