I'm not sure if there is any way for me to describe just how bone-chillingly cold it has been in Ottawa this past month. You don't truly know it until you've experienced it. In desperate need of new cozy pieces, I shopped the Artizia sale for four sweaters that immediately became wardrobe staples. 

I introduced myself to Babaton for the first time after shopping at Aritzia for close to five years now. I fell in love with the Erin Sweater for its lightweight yet warm blend of wool, linen, and viscose. It is so incredibly soft and just loose enough for comfortable everyday wear without being sloppy. It is long enough to just cover the bum but the slits on the side allow for unrestricted movement. I picked it up in a camel colour first but loved it so much that I had to go back for the light grey.

Of course, I had to pick up a couple pieces from Wilfred as well. Honestly it must be one of my top three go-to brands if not my very favourite. The sweater that caught my eye first was the Blanchard Sweater in the Black/Milk Mix. I loved the 3/4 length sleeves and shorter boxy cut of this sweater as soon as I put it on and it's a thicker blend of silk, cotton, and cashmere that gives the sweater structure without compromising comfort. To satisfy my love for 3/4 length sleeve sweaters further, I also picked up the Balzac Sweater in plain ol' black. You can't have too much black in your wardrobe, right? Like the Blanchard Sweater, this one is also a blend of silk, cotton, and cashmere with a loose fit and asymmetric hem. 

It's hard to go wrong with a neutral sweater when it comes to everyday winter wear. Are you giving sweaters some love this winter?


  1. I love sweaters, I am in a sweater nearly everyday.

    Zeynab x

    The Beauty Load

  2. Sweaters are my life!! I'm just waiting for two more seasons before I can bust all my knits out.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  3. Sweaters are just so easy to wear and comfortable! xx

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous! I am definitely taking at a look at Artizia now. I am a strong believe in minimalist pieces that go with anything and everything, so this is right up my alley :)

    Emily | ahemitsemme.blogspot.com

  5. I will definitely go out shopping for sweaters as the winter is not being friendly! You've got amazing pieces but I'm not so brave with light colours I always stay with black or navy blue! haha xx

    Mary Bloomy

  6. Aritzia is pricey but around now when they have their big sales, I stock up on pieces I've had my eyes on. xx

  7. I like a mix of dark and light colours but I always stick to neutrals! xx



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