I flew home for Christmas and hit up all the local gems in town. While I had quite a few things in mind, I decided to settle on a couple of gorgeous pieces from my favourite jewelry store, Violette Boutique. These pieces certainly were treats but hey, it's Christmas so why not?

I had been on the hunt for a simple midi ring for quite some time and came across the simple Catbird Mignon Ring which I picked up in a size 2.5. It is sterling silver which makes it suitable for everyday wear. I love how thin the band is (0.5mm!) and it goes well with everything. 

The Leah Alexandra display never fails to catch my eyes. The first pair of earrings I went for were the Aqua Chalcedony Gold Vermeil Gem Studs. They look absolutely gorgeous on as the colour really brings life to the complexion. I imagine it would look stunning on darker skin tones as well. I settled on these gem studs and the Catbird ring during my first visit but had to go back for the Wing Aqua Chalcedony Ear Climber. I had been eyeing up these ear climbers for quite some time as I love a bold pair of earrings sometimes and I find ear climbers to be quite cool.

I love treating myself sometimes. Have you treated yourself to anything recently?


  1. You have amazing taste! I love everything you got! It's great to treat ourselves sometimes :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

  2. I have treated myself to a few jewellery pieces over the holidays. I find something so satisfying about buying myself nice jewellery, more so than anything else.


  3. Thank you! Work hard, play hard, and treat yourself. ;)

  4. I totally agree! It just feels so good! xx



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