I'm certain I'm not the only one who enjoys finding new reads. Here are four lovely ladies that deserve more followers than they already have. 

Based in California, Hannah writes mostly about beauty products and many of the products she talks about are by brands I also love. She takes lovely photos and writes quality posts that make me want to run out and purchase the products right away. Her post titles are always so creative but descriptive as well. If you like my blog, I'm sure you'll like Hannah's blog!

Beautiful bride-to-be Victoria from the UK shares her opinion on a diverse collection of beauty products. Her in-depth posts really help me understand products better and with picks from both the UK and North America, there's something for most if not all readers. 

I've been a fan of American blogger, Nikki for a while now. I discovered her blog through her kind comments on my blog and it was love at first sight. This girl takes some lovely photos and has some serious style. When I see her posts, I think to myself, "I want that!" 

Sydney based blogger, Laura has something for those looking for beauty, fashion, or lifestyle posts. I personally like her beauty posts as she always features products from brands that I also tend to turn to when looking for new products to try out. 


  1. Courtney ConnollyJune 13, 2014 at 8:20 AM

    I absolutely love Floral Sundays and Victoria Beauty, they are two of my favourite blogs to read so I will check out the other two asap! Thank you for doing these posts and helping us find new blogs to read!

    Courtney La Belle Sirene

  2. Thanks so much for featuring me Celina! Love the other blogs you mentioned as well!

    xx Hannah | everydayginger.com

  3. Thank you so much for the mention! That was so sweet of you x



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