Smartfood is best snack food / Christmas decorations are going up in my rez / Desperate engineering students doing calculus on paper towel / Cinnamon toast for breakfast on a Saturday morning / Last lab for my Linear Circuits course / Up until 4AM studying Physics / Decorated the door to my suite / Trekked across the snowy campus just to study at the library / It's snowing all the time these days

University life has been killing me day by day. It's my fault for choosing such a challenging and demanding program though. I'm sure it'll be worth it once I get through the program. 

I've been struggling to become immune to the cold weather over in Central Canada. I'm a West Coast girl who is immune to the windy, rainy weather, not the snowy, icy weather where I live now. Just three weeks left and I'll be home for Christmas! I can't wait! I keep that in my mind so I have something to look forward to every day as I struggle my way through school right now. I'm drowning in frustration and tears these days from the amount of work I have. Sigh. I'll get a break soon enough.


  1. It will definitely be worth it in the end. I'm sure of it. I had the same feelings you have when I went through uni. Lap up your Christmas break because you deserve it! :) xo Jess

    Your Daily Break

  2. I miss Canada, here in the UK we have no show, not that cold and no frigging Tim Hortons!!

    Ineffable Beauty



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