From Roses
I absolutely adore all of the photos on Rebecca's blog. Her posts are a beautiful mixture of beauty and lifestyle posts which fits what I look for in most blogs.

The excellent posts by Jen from jennypurr have drawn me in and I've been going through many of the posts since I started following. She started her blog in February and every post includes a great photo with informative words to go along with it.

Late Night Nonsense
Adrienne started her blog in May and she's got quite a substantial amount of followers already for obvious reasons. She's got great things to say with beautiful photos to go along with her words. I absolutely love her blog already so if you haven't started following her yet, please do!

The Dauphine
I started following many blogs this past month and The Dauphine is one that really stood out to me. Chelsea takes beautiful photos and her posts are very informative. It's so relaxing for me to look through her blog.

Shameless Maya
I could listen to her talk and inspire me all day. Maya is such an encouraging person. She pushes us all to live our lives shamelessly and I love it. A recent video I watched from her was about getting past fear, that horrible feeling that stops us from accomplishing so much of what we could be accomplishing each and every day.

Google Calendar
I've been using Google Calendar for nearly a year now and I just love it more and more as time goes on. I'm able to create different calendars, share my calendars, and sync my calendars with my iPod Touch. It's just so handy and it's a great way for anyone to stay organized.

What are your non-beauty favourites for the month?


  1. I adore Rebecca's blog! I'm checking out Late Night Nonsense right now xx

    1. I'm sure you'll love Late Night Nonsense as well! xx

  2. JennyPurr and The Dauphine and amazing blogs. Totally into them.

  3. The only one of those blogs I don't read yet is 'Shameless Maya' and I'm about to check it out! My non-beauty favorite for this month is definitely 'A Fab Life' on YouTube.


    1. Maya makes wonderful YouTube videos! :)

  4. This is a great post! I will be checking these blogs out.


  5. Thank you sweetheart, I just realised you'd put my blog in this post. x

    Adrienne | Late Night Nonsense



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