Haul | Last Minute Sale Picks

Stressed about final exams, I slipped in a last minute order on Sephora during their spring sale after this massive haul. As you can see, I went a little lip product crazy and ended up adding the remaining lip products on my wishlist into my basket. 


Cruelty Free or Not | Marc Jacobs Beauty

When I was looking up whether or not Marc Jacobs Beauty is cruelty free or not, I found a lot of mixed information. In all this confusion, I decided to directly get in touch with customer service at Marc Jacobs to ask them about both Marc Jacobs Beauty and Marc Jacobs Fragrances. Here is what I found out.


Collection | NARS Blushes

NARS Sin, NARS Impassioned, NARS Luster

There was a point in my life, about two years ago now, where almost all the blushes I owned were by NARS. As mentioned in my Sephora VIB Sale Haul last week, that has changed significantly as I passed along the shades I just didn't wear enough to justify keeping and were left with just two staples until ten days ago. Though small, I figured I'd shade my NARS blush collection as the new NARS blush addition has really sparked my love for them again.
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