Empties #10 | Samples Edition

Benefit does not disappoint when it comes to mascaras. This mascara features a thin, curved plastic wand with tiny bristles; at first I wasn't convinced it would do anything for my otherwise straight lashes, but surprisingly it gave length and held a curl! It isn't a volumizing mascara for sure but it's a good one for natural looking lashes. I would purchase the full size of this, though I do prefer They're Real! more.

I wanted to like this but I didn't. There was a lot of hype around this and while yes, I do agree that it gives volume and length, it just didn't do it for me. It wasn't holding a curl well and it deposited way too much product all the time, leaving the lashes clumpy. The wand was too big and it always smeared on my lids. Definitely not for me, but clearly great for others.

This did the job but it wasn't as gentle as I would like it. I just haven't found anything that quite compares to the Bioderma Sensibio H2O. I'll be sticking to Bioderma.

The only thing I use to remove eye makeup, really. The mini is great for travel but I always have the 500mL going at home.

The product comes out in a thick, slightly gritty texture but works into a gentle foam with water. It was a good one for gentle exfoliation but nothing groundbreaking. My sensitive skin did feel smoother but a bit irritated. I won't be purchasing.

This creamy gel cleanser was a good morning cleanser to gently remove leftover skincare products from the night before. I did like it but I prefer other cleansers from Origins. I would recommend this to anyone with normal to dry skin though!

I think I may be too young to notice any drastic difference with eye creams for now. It kept my undereyes nourished and sort of helped with darkness, but I don't think I absolutely need it. It sat well under makeup as it is quite light, which is great! For the future, I would consider this something to purchase.

Upon application it felt comfortable but after a couple minutes it started to burn a little. Worried, I washed it off after 5 minutes and my skin was left so red! While the redness diminished after a couple hours, I started feeling bumps surfacing. I guess it does detoxify the skin but it is too harsh for me. I won't be purchasing the full size.

Another great travel size of a collection staple. I can never get enough of this product regardless of the season and how long my hair is. 


July 2015 Favourites

Excuse my language for a second here but shit, it's August tomorrow. That gives me two weeks to nail five final exams before my summer really begins. I promised myself to finish off strong so if I am even more absent than I already have been these past couple months, you'll know why. Oh the magic of queued posts.

Before I go freak out again about exams and bury myself in stacks of notes, let's take a moment to look back together on my favourite products of July.

I spent some of my days this month glued to chairs in labs hours after hours, missing out on the lovely weather. I would go to class at 8:30 in the morning, go home at 2 in the morning, sleep, repeat. Looking presentable was the least of my concerns. Quick, easy, and long lasting makeup was the key. I found myself reaching for the Burberry Beauty Eyeshadow in 102 Pale Barley every single day since it landed in my mailbox mid-month. It is that everyday shade that gives depth to the eyes while adding light and life with the hints of shimmer. It reminds me so much of MAC Patina but I will have to do a more in-depth comparison later.

Paired with Pale Barley was the Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Bronze Beam*. Yeah that's right, this girl wore an eyeliner that wasn't black. Silky is the best description for this liner as it just glides on so effortlessly. The golden tones add light and definition, making it the perfect one to smudge along both the top and bottom lash line. Despite it being such a soft pencil it is surprisingly long lasting, so two thumbs up for this one!

Blending is key to making the eyeshadow I slap on actually look complete. I reached for the MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush time and time again for that job. I'll smear on some eyeshadow and blend it out with this brush along the edges. It takes no time at all and no one would know. 

My nails got their dose of the Nails Inc x Victoria Beckham Nail Polish in Bamboo White daily. I just repainted them with this over and over again. It is just so effortlessly chic and the formula is so long lasting that I only had to repaint once a week. If you can still get a hold of it, do it. No regrets! To keep my actual hands in check though, I applied the Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream every evening. The amount of damage and wear my fingers suffered from coiling stripped wires and testing with tiny switches just had to be reversed with the help of this.

What products did you enjoy using throughout the month of July?


Well Loved | Round 2

At the very beginning of the year I shared some of my most well loved products and since then I have gotten some serious wear out of others. These are all products that have either seen better days or are shrinking significantly as the time goes by.

For months in the beginning of the year I used the same blush over and over again, and that was the gorgeous NARS Blush in Sin. This berry-toned shade was the perfect blush for those cooler days, especially paired with a plum-toned or vampy lip. It's the kind of blush that looks terrifying in the pan, but gives a soft flush and subtle glow of golden shimmers on the cheeks. Paired with it often was my favourite MAC Lipstick in Syrup. This cloudy pink shade was my everyday go-to shade that paired with NARS Sin, made the perfect winter complexion duo. In a luster finish, this lipstick was comfortable to wear and one of those that you really don't have to worry about reapplying for hours.

During the same period I was also obsessed with the NARS And God Created The Woman Palette. The top right shade, Kalahari, received the most love as it's a "one wash wonder" kind of shade. The shimmers add life but aren't too much for daytime wear, and the shade just adds dimension as it is not too light and not too dark for that job. 

In late January I discovered the Nails Inc Kensington Caviar 45 Second Top Coat and since then I have been using it every single time I paint my nails. It just gives the most gorgeous shiny, gel-like finish and I do feel that it does help my nail polish stay chip-free longer. The thick brush allows for quick yet precise application, another bonus to a great product!

For many factors, my hands get dry throughout the day and I always like to finish off the day with a quick application of hand cream. The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream is my go-to for that as it delivers the nourishment my hands need without the greasy feeling. A little goes a long way with this one so a tube lasts for months after months.

What are some of your most well loved products?
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